Kids’ Activity Book Printing

If you run any type of family-friendly food service establishment, you know the importance of keeping kids occupied. One way to ensure that they are kept busy, is to give them something that will distract and entertain them, such as an activity book or colouring book. Not only does Art Printing Co. print children’s activity books, we also help develop them. We can make custom books specifically suited for your restaurant, featuring any mascot or cartoon characters that you might use in your branding.

These books tend to be printed on one large sheet, front and back, and folded to form two pages. They can also be combined into kids’ menus and feature pricing for kids’ meals and beverages on the back. Let us know if you would prefer to combine the kids’ menu and activity book or if you would prefer them to be printed separately as two sheets. We can also add a coupon or two somewhere in the activity book if you are planning on a coupon campaign.

The possibilities are endless: mazes, riddles, easy word search puzzles, connect-the-dot, colouring, etc. Sometimes the puzzles and games can be so fun that the parents might want to join in! You can have a single, large activity on each page, or two or three smaller ones. There is enough room on the front or back for your logo and company information.

When kids are immersed in activities, the overall dining experience for everyone is enjoyable. While the children are entertained, parents can relax, discuss world politics or even participate in the activities with their kids. Children will be more patient while they are waiting to be served and guests at surrounding tables will be able to eat in peace as well. Parents and/or grandparents will be more likely to return in the future if you can provide a good, family environment to all your guests.

Kids Menu Printing

You will want all guests to your restaurant or café to feel welcomed. One way to do this is to give everyone a custom menu, including your youngest patrons. Art Printing Company is your ideal choice  for kids’ menu printing. Not only do we take care of the printing, we can also take care of the design.

Most food service establishments have lower prices for kids’ meals and beverages. They might also offer special kids’ value meals that come with smaller portions of food as well as a toy. Parents like looking at kids’ meals too to find out how they can save money on the total dinner. Regardless of the types of meals and prices you offer your younger guests – we will be able to include it all in the menu design.

It makes kids happy to get their very own menu – especially if it comes with fun activities, such as colouring pages, riddles and puzzles. We can easily combine the menu and puzzles into one book or placemat. There will be room for your logo, contact information, and any other branding feature(s) you wish to include.

At Art Printing Company, we have been providing kids menu printing services for a variety of companies over the years, including Huddle House and Carnival Cruise. The size of your establishment doesn’t matter: we are confident in our ability to help you create the perfect menu with a fun, attractive design.

The menus are available in different sizes and styles, including rectangular, square, and circular. Both disposable, paper menus and durable, laminated menus are available. The kids’ meal list and prices can be listed on the front or back, depending on the type of design you want.

Kids’ Placemats Printing

If you run any type of food service establishment, then you know that kids can get a bit messy. This is one reason why placemats are so important.  They help to protect the table from spills and crumbs, and gives kids something to look at and entertain them while waiting for their food. We offer high-quality kids placemats printing for any family-friendly type of restaurant or food service business, including buffets, casual restaurants, pizzerias, hotel cafes, etc.

Art Printing Company will also help you create the design if you don’t yet have one. The material(s) and paper used depend on whether or not you want disposable sheets. The design can also include menu items and prices as well as interactive features such as puzzles, games, and colouring areas.

Parents and grandparents also appreciate it when their kids are given their very own placemats. Not every restaurant is “family-friendly”, so giving out kids’ placemats can be good for advertising and marketing. Parents don’t have to worry about their kids making messes on the table, or getting impatient while waiting to be served.

Let us know if you have a certain theme in mind. We can create a design that matches the rest of the décor. We can also come up with seasonal themes for every holiday. Having new placemats printed on a regular basis is ideal if you have a lot of regular customers. You don’t want the kids to get bored as they look at the same games and puzzles every time they come in.

Different sizes are available, with options for scalloped or rounded edges. The design can be all on one side or on front and back. Once the design is finalized and confirmed, we will do the kids placemats printing in our on-site facilities, which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that you get your prints as quickly as possible.