Professionally Designed Trayliners

Branding is extremely important for any restaurant, hotel, or food service company. One way to get your message and brand across is with trayliners. Whether you’re running a cafeteria, fast food restaurant, or any other business that requires food trays, you will need the services of a reliable tray liner printing company Let Art Printing Co. take care of your printing needs. Our expert design team can even help you come up the ideal images and messaging to stay consistent with your brand.

Every time your place of business serves a customer food, you want them to remember the experience. As they eat over the tray, they will see your liner, featuring your design and message, reminding them to come back again.

The design can feature anything you want: company logo, image, prices, ingredients, information about special promotions, etc. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes as well, whether you want a simple design or full colour run.

Unsurpassed Quality

Since our printing facilities are completely on-site, your project will not be outsourced. You can trust us to deliver you with high-quality prints in a timely manner. This is a guarantee that many other US and Canadian printing companies are unable to provide these days. Not only do we do all of the printing on-site, we also guarantee superior quality. You won’t have to worry about your printouts looking cheap or amateurish. They will have nice, crisp designs and have a professional appearance.

Printed paper that comes in contact with food needs to be FDA compliant. Because we specialize in printing for the food service industry, you can be assured that our trayliners are completely safe to use.

Get Custom Trayliners for Your Restaurant

Order Sizes

Since a liner can be used only once, however, you need to make sure you always have enough. Regardless of how large your order is, Art Printing Company is able to handle it.  Let us know the size of your business and the average number of customers you serve each day.

Even if you run a small diner or cafeteria, you still may need more than you realize. The numbers can really add up. Also, will you require the same design for a long time, or just for a limited promotion or special event? Our professional customer service team, can help you answer all these questions so that you will be able to make the appropriate size order.

Regardless of your needs, you can count on Art Printing Company to have your liners ready when you need them. You will have the peace of mind that you will always be able to get liners when you need them and that you won’t run out or end up with too large a surplus.

Our Custom Trayliners

Custom Trayliners

Allow Art Printing Company to be your #1 source for custom trayliners and related products. We have been designing and printing restaurant and food service related material in North America for decades.

Trayliners offer great branding and advertising opportunities. Think of the number of people you serve on a daily basis. Keep your logo and design in front of them to remind them of your company and the food you serve. If you only need them for a single event, you can give your guests a special message with our custom designs. You can give us your own design to work with or let our creative team help you come up with an ideal solution.

Do you know what kind of information you want the printouts to feature? Your company name is a given. What about prices for entrees, drinks, and desserts? Contact information? Details about a special promotion? Coupons? If you want to give special trayliners to kids, you might want to include games and activities to keep them happy. Parents will be happy that their kids are behaving themselves. Tables will be less messy as well and trays will be easier to clean.  But trayliners should still be used for more than just protecting the tray from crumbs and spills – never pass up the opportunity to use them for marketing purposes.

Design Your Tray Liner

Also, who says that trayliners can’t be used for take-out? You can fold them up and insert them into bags or in take-out trays. This is an ideal option if you want to include menu items, prices, and business phone number on the printouts. If you run a cafeteria or small restaurant at a hotel or resort, you can add a “thank you” message on the liners to let guests know that you appreciate them and their business.

Even though they are disposable, you will want to make the trayliners as interesting to guests as possible because is all part of the customer experience.

Once again, you may want to consult with our design team if you need ideas. We will help you come up with a custom solution in order to meet your requirements and goals, regardless of the size of your business. Our liners are not only unique; they are sanitary and informative as well. High quality graphics will be printed out flawlessly.