Custom Menus To Suit Your Needs

Every food service establishment must offer some type of menu to customers. They vary in sizes, styles, and formats. Even if you have a large item and price listing behind the counter for everyone to see, you still might want to consider giving out individual menus to each customer as they come in.

Menu printing has been one of our core services since we were founded in 1932. Our art department can help you create any style to suit your type of business. Whether it’s simply incorporating a menu into the placemat, or creating a high-quality, multi-page menu on ultra-thick stock paper, we are capable of meeting your specific requirements. We can also create and print take-out and delivery menus.

Menu Design

Even if you’re looking for a simple menu that merely lists your meal items and their prices, consideration to design is important. If your restaurant has dim lighting or attracts older patrons, consider designing your menu with a larger font to accommodate their needs.

Especially, on take out menus, you will want to ensure that your address and contact information are prominently displayed.

Other menu design elements can help to convey your brand to your customers. Images, layout and additional bits of information such as business history and nutritional information can help show off the “personality” of your establishment.

Quality Menu Printing

At Art Printing Company, we guarantee the highest level of print quality. Your menus are often the first impression of your food – so they shouldn’t look like you hired your 16 year old nephew to create them on his laptop and print them at home.

Our high quality menus will not fade or smudge and will retain their crisp and clean appearance. Look at our samples and consult one of our representatives today to learn more about your options.