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Since 1932, Art Printing Company has been providing quality paper Placemats, Trayliners and Menus to businesses throughout in the food industry. Whether you require artwork and printed goods for your restaurant, hotel, or bed and breakfast, you will find that we offer custom products of unsurpassed quality. Whether you operate a small local café or a national chain with franchises from coast to coast, we can supply what you need. Convey your company’s message on Placemats, Trayliners and other printed items. .svg

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About Our Paper Placemats and Trayliners

Whether you need them for your restaurant or for a special event that your business is catering, printed placemats make for great marketing tools. Use them to advertise a special promotion, inform customers about certain menu items, or for just about any other purpose.

Choose from a variety of printing options as well as shape variations including placemats with square, scalloped, or round cornered cuts. The design can be as simple or as colourful and elaborate as you want them to be.


The average restaurant guest will wait at least ten to fifteen minutes for their food to be served. Why not give them something to look at while they are waiting? Using placements to feature tempting food and drink specials can add to your businesses bottom line, while providing interesting facts and trivia will keep your guests entertained and assist with providing a positive customer experience.

Some uses of our placemats include:

  • Kids’ paper placemats and menus can contain colouring spaces and games.
  • Provide interesting reading for adults (eg. Trivia, area history, etc.)
  • Integration with your menu.
  • To provide colour to tables.
  • For advertising special offers.
  • To help keep the table clean.
  • As a branding opportunity.
  • More sanitary environment for your customers

Custom paper placemats can also be ideal for special events that you may be catering. Why not surprise and delight your patrons with temporary placemats that display a special message to commemorate an event or special occasion.

You can always count on Art Printing Company to provide the highest quality products for your food service business. After all, we’ve had more than 80 years to perfect both design and printing. In addition to custom designs, we also offer stock designs that you may use in your restaurant of for special events. With the wide variety of designs we offer, it will be easy to something that works with your theme whether it’s elegant, fun, informative, educational, pretty, or conservative.

It’s just as easy to come up with a custom design just for you.

Additional Products

In addition to Placemats and Trayliners, we also offer kids’ activity books and menus, brochures, coupons, and other promotional material. No order is too big or complicated for us. Our facilities are entirely in-house and we operate 24/7 to ensure that we meet timelines.

Let us help you create a unique design that meets your business and location requirements. Our company has developed numerous designs over the years for individual businesses and general stock use.

For promotional items, such as coupons and flyers, our art team can create eye catching designs with effective marketing messages. You can expect high-quality printing at an affordable price.

For family restaurants, our kids’ paper placemats and activity books help make your patrons’ dining experience more enjoyable. They will keep kids’ distracted and entertained so that they will be less likely to get impatient. Parents will be able to enjoy themselves more if their kids are entertained and focused on our colourful printouts. Since more crumbs will end up on the placemats than the table itself, it’ll also be easier to clean up, thus giving your employees more time to focus on other customers.

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Art Printing Company serves both Canadian and US restaurants and hospitality industries. Look at our samples and email or call us to learn more about our rates and design capabilities.