Things to consider when selecting designs for your restaurant table placemats

By April 18, 2016Printing News
restaurant table placemats

You may be interested to know that a restaurant placemat grabs more attention than other types of graphic and images that might hung about the place. This is because the place mat is the first thing patrons look at while they are waiting to order or waiting for their meal to arrive. It’s therefore important to select the right design for your restaurant’s place mat.

Here is a selection of tips from our design experts on choosing the right place mat for your restaurant:

  • Take into consideration the type of crowd you are trying to attract. What is the primary crowd that your restaurant is going to cater to? Is it a young, artistic crowd? If so, feature artsy patterns on the place mat. Is it primarily a family restaurant? If so, make sure there are large colourful designs and activities for kids to keep them busy. Is it mainly for busy young executives who don’t have too much time to spare? Try keeping your messaging simple with a one liner that is understated and can be retained in their minds within just a couple of seconds. By designing a place mat that takes into account your target audience, you will be making a good investment and keeping your patrons engaged.
  • Make sure the place mat blends in with the overall theme of your restaurant. Is your restaurant the kind that releases new menu items or specials every now and then? Then consider adding pictures of new menu items and descriptions of specials or ongoing promotions. Is your restaurant more of a fine dining establishment? Use quiet simple colours in minimalistic patterns that complement the ambience of your restaurant. Is your restaurant a lively spot with vibrant colours? Bring your placemats to life with popping colours that go with the theme. This adds to the overall soul of the restaurant and makes patrons feel welcome.
  • Feature interesting facts about your restaurant so that people can better identify with your brand. Everyone loves a good story. You can use infographics on your restaurant placemats that tell the story of how your restaurant came to be or a few fun facts about who the owners are and how the idea for the restaurant began. If your restaurant serves slightly exotic meals, it is a good idea to add descriptions of origins of these dishes along with recommendations for how patrons can eat the meal, for instance, a step by step guide of how to eat crab, if that’s on the menu. They’ll appreciate these subtle instructions and it helps them learn something new, giving them greater appreciation both for the food and your brand.

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