Effective kids place mat design ideas

By April 18, 2016Printing News
kids placemat design

Kids at restaurants are frequently either bored or overly hyper. Unless you are prepared to shell out to have a section of your restaurant modified into a child play area, you need to be able to keep these young minds engaged so that they do not harass their parents into leaving early just because they have nothing to do. Here’s where having an engaging place mat can help.

Place mats are present on every table and they are one of the best ways to communicate with and engage your patrons, especially the younger kind:

  • Have a cut out paper placemat. Superheroes are doing a big come back thanks to Marvel’s ongoing TV and movie productions. How about placing superhero themed mats in front of your young guests and incorporating cut out holes for the eyes and mouth in the design? Kids can then tear these out and wear the placemat as a mask and enjoy pretending to be Batman while they’re having their meal. If your chain has permission to use images of mainstream heros, that great, but if not the art team at Art Printing company can help you come up with your own
  • Activity placemats are also very popular. Kids love to draw and play games. Why not channel this energy and interest into having them draw on their placemat? Feature a doodling space for kids and provide them with some crayons so they can carry out their artistic vision while their parents dine. Feature connect-the-dot type games and easy word puzzles on the placemat to further engage them. A maze featuring your brand at one end is a great way to keep them busy and have your brand image internalized. Have a black and white outline image of a meal that kids can colour in – crayons can be provided to them for this purpose. These help to keep children busy and parents appreciative, meaning more time spent at your restaurant and therefore more food being ordered.
  • Folding patterns on the place mats are brilliant too. Everyone loves origami, the art of paper folding. Both kids and adults would love to be able to make a design out of their paper placemat by folding along the lines that you can provide as directions on the place mat. This provides several minutes of fun for patrons and lets them take back the place mat with them, furthering reminding them of your brand.
  • Colourful, and visually interesting mats. You can also have kid friendly placemats that featured large colourful designs that either incorporate menu items that would appeal to kids, or keep very small children amused by looking at the pictures on the placemats. Either way, the child will be kept interested and will love looking at the placemat and may even remember the restaurant for future trips (“Mommy, let’s go to that place with the pirates on the placemats”).

Keeping kids entertained in a restaurant can be a challenge, but having the right placemats can go a long way toward achieving that goal. Our paper mats can be designed to engage young patrons using specific theme, colours and branding of your business. Check out our product samples and see how we can help you engage and entertain your youngest customers.