What are the benefits of printing personalized placemats?

By April 18, 2016Printing News
placemat printing

When people come into your restaurant, they typically spend at least five minutes waiting for their meal partner to decide what they want to order, or waiting for their order to arrive or waiting for their check to arrive. These precious minutes are when you can reinforce your brand message on customers by providing these messages on their table, where you will get more eyeballs – like on their placemat.

We believe that personalized place mats can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • A placemat is the best place for a person to see your brand messaging. Think about it: a person who may have come in to dine alone has nothing much to occupy their time. There’s only so much time a person can spend on their phone. Why not grab their attention with an eye catching placemat with your brand image on it? This is a good way for them to spend their time and internalize your brand message while they are waiting for their meal to be served.
  • Placemats can keep your customers engaged and build your personal bond with them. Certain placemats can have fun messages or activities on them for kids or young adults. If your restaurant has a specific theme, we can incorporate that theme on a personalized placemat that can engage your customers and further help build your relationship with your customers. For instance, kids love puzzles, so a game-based placemat with puzzles they can solve is a great way for them to spend their time. Young adults like personality quizzes and trivia – or perhaps place some funny jokes that they can giggle over with their friends as they wait for their meal to be served.
  • A personalized placemat helps build your brand appeal and reinforces your brand culture in the mind of your patrons. New customers are always testing the waters of a new restaurant they are trying out. They are unsure of what the place will be like and you need to make a good first impression so that they come back. Most times, people take into account the ambience of a restaurant more than just the taste or variety of the food. When they see reassuring brand imagery and colourful visuals right on their meal table, they are bound to appreciate the thought and care that was taken to make them feel at home. And grateful customers are the ones who return with more family and friends in tow.
  • Personalized place mats can help advertise a new offering. Do you have a new menu item you want people to try out? It’s always hard to get people to try something they haven’t tried at your restaurant before. Add a picture of it to a personalized placemat along with a description and the price and people will be more intrigued to try it out. It serves as a great reminder and adds to your brand presence.

Here at Art Printing Company, we offer custom placemat printing services on a variety of paper materials. Do check out our product samples and see how we can help build your brand presence.