2015 trending designs for restaurant table placemats

By April 18, 2016Printing News
restaurant placemats

A customer seated at a table in your restaurant is going to be spending a good fifteen minutes to an hour there. And while they are seated there, they are going to spend at least a couple of seconds eyeballing the placemat. It’s important to make sure it has an eye pleasing design that adds to the ambience of your restaurant.

Here are some top trends of 2015 for restaurant placemat designs:

  • Minimalistic patterns in colours that blend in with the theme of the restaurant: Every good design uses the colour palette of the restaurant to complement it. Minimalism is the art of capturing good design with as little flourish as possible so that the effect achieved is subtle and tasteful. Favourable trends that have been used in 2015 include using placemats in a single colour that blends in with the restaurant theme, with the restaurant logo in a small font in the bottom corner. An outline of the cutlery on this plain background also adds to the elegant and minimal design.
  • Subtle messaging on the place mat that incorporates your brand identity: Another top trend for 2015 saw restaurants reinforcing their brand messaging by adding messages on to placemats in fonts that are appealing and aesthetically pleasing. These messages can be a simple ‘Enjoy your meal’ or variations thereof, could be a famous quote about food, or could simply be a fun fact about your restaurant. Remember to keep the messaging short and sweet so that people are more likely to retain it long after they’ve eaten there.
  • Cut-out or activity place mats: Activity placemats have never run out of fashion. In 2015 also, several restaurants saw a great deal of enthusiasm from patrons for fun paper placemats that either featured puzzles or colouring activities for kids, or random fun quizzes and activities for adults. Providing patrons with a doodling space is a great way for them to spend time when they are dining alone or even with their meal partners, and it helps them to view you as a brand that’s willing to engage with your customers in a fun way. Some placemats can even have a design where cut out holes are provided to turn the placemat into a fun mask or hat or other design. Providing origami placemats also proved fun at cafes where people could fold along the lines while enjoying a cup of soothing coffee with their friends. These sorts of place mats are always a big hit with patrons of all ages and are a great feature to have at any restaurant, no matter what your theme is.

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